Books In Browsers 2010 Today at Internet Archive

Peter Brantley - Internet Archive

The annual event at Internet Archive, Books In Browsers, has just kicked off. A great crowd is here in the newly renovated headquarters.

Peter Brantley,organizer if the event, from Internet Archive is intoducing the first speaker.

Allen Noren of O’Reilly Media

Bill McCoy of Webpaper

Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks

9:23 Allen Noren of O’Reilly Media is speaking now giving an overview of the past, present and future…”Change the world.” is his final visual.

10:02 Bill McCoy of Webpaper is talking about Epub3…the good, the bad and…the improvements.

Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia

10:26 Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks speaking about adding media to eBooks…immersive reading…getting lost in the book….

10:45 Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia is up now on  EPUB for website producers…

Break time…

1:35 SJ Klein of OLPC about to start on rural uses of browser books

1:58 Jim Fruchterman of Benetech speaking on accessibility…BookShare. Applause … yay for accessibility! Giving a demo of the opensource FF plugin, AnyDAISY, to read their books.

2:18 Joseph Pearson from Inventive Labs on using Monocle in the Labs. Using Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” as a demo.

Break! Yummy cream puffs! yay!

3:04 Minh Truong of Aldiko is up talking on books and apps. Bookserver as a solid distribution model.

3:23 Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia

presenting “From mobile comics to broad platform experiences.”

SJ Klein of OLPC

3:36 Michael Ang from Internet Archive enters the room. He’ll be presenting books for touch on the iPad. Showing off the cool new book reader he worked on….and its opensource on github. cool!

4:22 Brian O’Leary, Magellan Partners – presents a unified field theory of publishing…managing and disseminating content…

4:53 Peter Brantley just wrapped up the daytime events.

A bit of a break and the gala event in the sanctuary will start at 6:30…

I was a good day here. Thanks to Brewster Kahle, Peer Brantley and O’Reilly Media for organizing ans sponsoring the event. And, thanks to the whole Internet Archive crew, especially June, Laura, Lynn,
Sam and Raj for pulling together
the food and A/V.

Jim Fruchterman of Benetech

Joseph Pearson, Inventive Labs

Minh Truong, Aldiko

Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Michael Ang, Internet Archive

Michael Ang demos the new book reader for iPad

Brian O’Leary, Magellan Partners

-Jeff Kaplan

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