Bad Behavior?

Art Attack 1999Pie FightNot much can surprise us here at the Archive, not even this handful of videos documenting public displays of, er, creative behavior. Is this political commentary? Free expression? A fun way to party? Or just bad behavior?

  • Pie Fight (1969): See pies fly as independent filmmakers attack the opening gala of the San Francisco Film Festival. (Click the DivX link in the left-hand column of the page to view.)
  • Mud People (1989): People caked in mud descend upon San Francisco’s Financial District to create a bit of “merry mayhem”.
  • Art Attack (1999): The San Francisco Department of Public Art manages to shut down a block of the Financial District.
  • Naked Man Dancing (2002): A man dances naked on the beach.
  • Santacon (2006): Finally, an instance of creative behavior outside the San Francisco Bay Area: 1500 drunken Santas descend on New York City.
— Renata

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