The African Butt Dance?

African Butt DanceSometimes at the Archive we run across things that we feel duty-bound to share with the public. And this is one of them.

Apparently, the African Butt Dance is a “ritualistic mating dance from the Congo,” according to this poster. And while we in the Collections department highly recommend giving this one a try – when your office mates aren’t looking – we also recommend taking a few minutes to warm up and do a few stretches. We won’t be held responsible for any back injuries or other physical problems arising from this dance move. We also won’t be held responsible for who this dance may make you mate with.

Some other dance moves that may inspire you:

— Alexis

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2 Responses to The African Butt Dance?

  1. LOL. Thanks for the video and a brief education about ancient tribal butt dances in africa.

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