Community: A New Name for “Open Source” Collections

Internet Archive has changed the names of the Open Source Audio, Open Source Books, and Open Source Movies collections.  We have chosen to replace the term “Open Source” with “Community,” because we feel it better reflects the purpose of these collections and the people who donated the content.

Open Source typically refers to free access to source code and open distribution. Wikipedia has a detailed definition of the term at

Please be assured that none of the URLs for collections or items have changed – if you have links to our site for any content, those links will continue to work.

We hope you agree that this change better reflects their purpose.  Please visit our newly renamed collections:
Community Audio
Community Texts
Community Video

-Jeff Kaplan

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28 Responses to Community: A New Name for “Open Source” Collections

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  2. Pamela says:

    The audio clip, on the search for Sly Stone, cuts off during the song Sex Machine. Can you please address this problem. I would love to be able to hear the rest of the inteview with Mr. Wilem…somebody. Thank you

  3. Good change I think Jeff

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  5. openuniverse says:

    so using open licenses like cc no longer matters, or is that going to be somehow associated with “community” through a series of promotions?

    “open source” is a debatably problematic term because it can be vague in practice, but choosing an even more vague term is not a step forwards for the “community” that wants to share and collaborate on works.

    • G-Zillion says:

      Indeed, “community media” is vague and has a social-political connotation, whatever it may be. “Open source” and “community” are not interchangeable without further specification. Maybe for some time it may inspire patrons to be more “social” when sharing something with “a”/”the” “community”, to work more on their “virtual image”, but I doubt that the content will improve; it will just worsen and be 99% hollow and kindergarten-style like Facebook and Myspace.

      I think that an intermediate term between “open source media” (“the bio-seed”) and “community media” (“the bio-land”) would be better. A term that supports slightly the holistic approach without speaking out in words the implicit social.

      • Christopher Harris says:

        I like the comment about virtural image. That is something I addressed to nieces and nephews over facebook under Christopher Clairtele.

  6. jon says:

    how to you down load the new vbrmu3 adio file?

    also how do i convert them to mp 3s in my new imac in itunes??????? help i need my soundboars please answer A.S.A.P !!!!!!!
    THANK YOU, jon

  7. jon says:

    how to you down load the new vbrmu3 adio file?

    also how do i convert them to mp 3s in my new imac in itunes??????? help i need my soundboards please answer A.S.A.P !!!!!!!
    THANK YOU, jon

    • christian zanone says:

      how you can convert flv toavi for hosting new website? Please world peace depends on your prompt answa!

  8. sreeve says:


  9. sreeve says:


  10. Leana Bosley says:

    How does one find the file of books on hand and access the book that interests them? There is to much visual distraction that I find it impossible to go to the part of the library that interest me. This is not a sensible way to run a library, because it is not user friendly.
    Thank you, Leana

  11. felix pius says:

    please i need free browsing codes for mtn. zain. etisalat networks in Nigeria

  12. abdallah hassan aly says:

    جزاك الله عنا خبر

  13. منتديات موسيقار العرب الكبير فريد الاطرش وشقيقته اسمهان

  14. mumtaz jarwar says:

    i want to be subscriber of this site


    we have proposal project. we live in juba, Southern Sudan

  16. منصور says:

    شكرا جدا اكثر من رائع

  17. Sybille says:


    Please, I need your help.
    In this url:

    you have an audio called Trance Emotions Episode 1

    How do I know, if I can download it and used for a video and upload it to Youtube, Veoh, etc. without infringing copyright.

    The artist/composer is Sylverman, but it says also that this audio is part of the collection Community Audio.

    How can I obtain a written permission from the author or Community Audio, so I could use legally.

    Thank you so much in advance!

  18. christian zanone says: b00g6zdn/The_Adventures_of_Don_Roberto/ is old version of the url. i can’t find copywright deal

  19. Caitlin Galvin says:

    soo i am trying to learn spanish but i want to hear it and repeat it to someone but no website does that. I also want to learn the languages of my bloodtype which are portugese, french and irish

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  21. arjun says:


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