Time for Wine

The Internet Archive is located in San Francisco, and so to celebrate our proximity to some of the most renowned wine regions in the world, we bring you this entry about our favorite ferment. This entry contains aromas of cedar, apple and gunsmoke …

virtualwine.jpgVirtual Wine video blogs
Ben Llewelyn and James Booth started Virtual Wine as a way for people to learn and chat online about wine and wine culture. The Internet Archive holds many of their short video blog tutorials and discussions, including Wine Storage, Buying a Wine Glass, Ordering and Returning Restaurant Wine, Matching Food and Wine, How Long to Keep Opened Wine, and How to Decant Old Wine.

Tasting Vlog from The Wine Vibe, featuring four wines (Verdejo, Viognier, Tempranillo and Zinfandel) in the $10 price range that were made from organically-grown grapes. Featured wineries are Casamaro Winery from the Rueda region of Spain, and Cline Winery from Sonoma. *NOTE* The actual tasting begins two minutes into the clip.

Wine Country Live! Episode – Stupid Wine Questions
Why can’t you make red wine from white grapes? Why do wineries grow rose bushes near the road? What exactly do corks DO for wine? This episode of Wine Country Live! is devoted to people’s stupid questions that they’ve been afraid to ask. Wine Country Live! is produced in Sonoma County, hosted by Michael DeLoach, and featuring Daryl Roberts, publisher of WineX Magazine and Robinson Olmstead with current wine-related news.
*NOTE* To play the Real Media file, right click on the link (hold down option + click for Macs) and click on “Copy Link Location,” then open Real Player, go to File, Open Location and paste in the link.

vintagewinej.jpgWine and the wine trade (1921)
Andre L. Simon wrote this book in 1921, dedicated to the history and making of wine. Includes 21 vintage photos of wine ephemera like corking machines, bottle testing and various vineyards and varietals.

winemasterj.jpgThe WineMaster freeware helps you keep track of your favorite wines and make tasting notes on your handheld device.

For fun:

Prison Wine! This vlogger teaches us how to make wine with a plastic bag, moldy bread stuffed into a sock (to replace yeast, which is highly contraband in prison), fruit juice, sugar and raisins. *NOTE* The Internet Archive advocates this as entertainment only – try at home only at your own risk …

Written by: Stephanie Sapienza

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  1. Retro says:

    I personally love vintage toys. It’s fun finding the toys you had as a kid, or the ones you always wanted.

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