Stock Footage Collection

Stock Footage CollectionThe Internet Archive is a great source of stock footage. We have thousands of public domain films (especially the movies in the Prelinger Archive) that can be used for any purpose, including cutting them up and just using the portions that will help your story line. You can also search the archive for video footage with other licenses that allow slightly more limited use, but may still be helpful (see this search tip FAQ about searching by license type).

We’ve noticed that several users have started uploading video that is specifically meant to be used as stock footage. These are generally short clips, often without sound, that include things like scenery, animals, time lapse videos, etc. Since stock footage is so useful to filmmakers (professionals and amateurs), we’ve made a Stock Footage Collection where these specific types of clips can be found.

— Alexis

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5 Responses to Stock Footage Collection

  1. Tom Bassford says:

    Hi i think it’s a great idea to have a specific collection for stockfootage.

    Could i make a suggestion that a specific collection be added for “VJ Clips” – like stock footage these clips are often short clips without sound, they are designed for use in live video performances as you might see at concerts or nightclubs. There is already a growing number of this type of footage available on including the analog recycling clips which are rated number 2 by batting average.

    VJs themselves are keen to see a specific collection on and feel that the addition of such a section would greatly encourage the use of the archive for this type of footage.

    see for discussion of this topic by VJs and for over 100 threads which specifically mention

  2. rekordtv says:

    It is a really nice idea, but where can you choose this collection when you upload clips?

    br Barne

  3. The Archive has a VJ Loops collection here:

    Unfortunately, if we allowed everyone to upload to specific collections we would end up with more spam than legitimate items. However, you can upload your stock footage or VJ Loop to Open Source Movies and then contact us to move your items into the collection.

  4. Giant says:

    Here is a site with inexpensive landscape stock footage.

  5. Open Source says:

    Here’s a new Open Source Film thats looking for volunteers.

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