Books In Browsers 2010 Day 2

Bob Stein, If:Book

9:05  Bob Stein of If:Book Bob Stein of If:Book showing the value of the conversation around books and how this has been proven in previous generations.

9:39 Richard Nash,, on how discoverability begins with the writer.  Writers! yay!

Richard Nash, Cursor Books

10:18 Kovid Goyal of Calibre is up now giving a demo of their opensource booksharing.

So, during lunch we had a fire brigade with a bunch the attendees helping to haul 57 boxes of hard drives upstairs. These drives total 2.88 petabytes of memory, 288,000,ooo gigabytes…enough for about 2 billion books (see photo below). Whew and yay!

Kovid Goyal of Calibre

2.88 petabytes - 288,000,000GB

The 2.88 petabyte brigade

I’ll have some more images up later.

Right now it’s a wrap and there’s wine opened so I’ll be back later….

-Jeff Kaplan

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Books In Browsers 2010 Today at Internet Archive

Peter Brantley - Internet Archive

The annual event at Internet Archive, Books In Browsers, has just kicked off. A great crowd is here in the newly renovated headquarters.

Peter Brantley,organizer if the event, from Internet Archive is intoducing the first speaker.

Allen Noren of O’Reilly Media

Bill McCoy of Webpaper

Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks

9:23 Allen Noren of O’Reilly Media is speaking now giving an overview of the past, present and future…”Change the world.” is his final visual.

10:02 Bill McCoy of Webpaper is talking about Epub3…the good, the bad and…the improvements.

Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia

10:26 Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks speaking about adding media to eBooks…immersive reading…getting lost in the book….

10:45 Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia is up now on  EPUB for website producers…

Break time…

1:35 SJ Klein of OLPC about to start on rural uses of browser books

1:58 Jim Fruchterman of Benetech speaking on accessibility…BookShare. Applause … yay for accessibility! Giving a demo of the opensource FF plugin, AnyDAISY, to read their books.

2:18 Joseph Pearson from Inventive Labs on using Monocle in the Labs. Using Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” as a demo.

Break! Yummy cream puffs! yay!

3:04 Minh Truong of Aldiko is up talking on books and apps. Bookserver as a solid distribution model.

3:23 Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Waldo Jaquith of Miller Center at the University of Virginia

presenting “From mobile comics to broad platform experiences.”

SJ Klein of OLPC

3:36 Michael Ang from Internet Archive enters the room. He’ll be presenting books for touch on the iPad. Showing off the cool new book reader he worked on….and its opensource on github. cool!

4:22 Brian O’Leary, Magellan Partners – presents a unified field theory of publishing…managing and disseminating content…

4:53 Peter Brantley just wrapped up the daytime events.

A bit of a break and the gala event in the sanctuary will start at 6:30…

I was a good day here. Thanks to Brewster Kahle, Peer Brantley and O’Reilly Media for organizing ans sponsoring the event. And, thanks to the whole Internet Archive crew, especially June, Laura, Lynn,
Sam and Raj for pulling together
the food and A/V.

Jim Fruchterman of Benetech

Joseph Pearson, Inventive Labs

Minh Truong, Aldiko

Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan

Michael Ang, Internet Archive

Michael Ang demos the new book reader for iPad

Brian O’Leary, Magellan Partners

-Jeff Kaplan

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Ted Nelson Launches His Autobiography at Internet Archive


Ted Nelson discusses Xanadu


On October 8, 2010, Brewster Kahle and Internet Archive hosted Ted Nelson’s book launch for his autobiography “Possiplex.” It was a special evening. There was a wide array of guests, including some of Ted’s closest collaborators.

Ted Nelson spent over two hours reading from his book “Possiplex” and answering questions from the audience. He discussed his many projects and gave a demonstration of Xanadu. He also thrilled us with a screening of his movie that he wrote, directed and filmed in the 1950’s. I found it hilarious. He was both gracious and opinionated, which made for a rousing event.

Visit the Possiplex collection page to see photos and video from the event:
Photos from the event,
Video of Ted Nelson’s talk
Doug Englebart interview

Roger Gregory interview
Paul Saffo interview

Ted Nelson has been a computer and information visionary for 50 years. He coined the concept and term hypertext. There are many quotes about Ted and his book on the collection page at Here are a few:

“Tesla:Electricity = Nelson:Digital. … All of the web is in essence a pale shadow of just one of Ted Nelson’s dreams. Now do I have your attention?…” — Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus

“Ted Nelson is the Thomas Paine of the Information Revolution.” – Stewart Brand, creator of the Whole Earth Catalog

“A truly first-class mind … one of the dozen or so most brilliant people I’ve met in a lifetime of hanging out with geniuses and the highly gifted”– Eric Raymond, Open Software Initiative

Thanks to the folks who organized the event: June Goldsmith, Laura Milvy, Jeff Ubois, and of course Brewster Kahle and Ted Nelson.

-Jeff Kaplan

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Banned Books Week

Tomorrow is the end of Banned Books week. We have a collection of banned and challenged books that you can find at We currently have 74 that can be found on banned and challenged books lists around the internet.

OK, who would have guessed that a Junie B. Jones book would be on one of the lists.

And here are some great graphs.

My daughter loves Junie B. I’m going to start that one tonight with her.

-Jeff Kaplan

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The Awesomeness of Yosemite

Just back from a stay in Yosemite Valley. Just awesome…as it always has been.

So of course I came back and had to check on some of the history and other interesting information about the valley at the Archive. There’s a wealth of stuff found by simply searching “yosemite“.

This one from 1905 is one of the earliest with photos.  Lots of changes in the man-made aspects of the valley but not to the natural landforms that are so familiar and, well, awesome in the real sense of the word.
This 3rd edition from 1897 gives an account of the The Indian Wars that led to the discovery of Yo-Semite.
This one from 1873 might be the oldest book we have on Yosemite.
And of course there is “The Yosemite” by John Muir from 1912.

A great trip as always. The valley may be more crowded than a century ago but the experience is still inspiring and …awesome.

-Jeff Kaplan

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Little Known Classics You NEED To Watch!

The classic, the rare, the obscure…you movie junkies love this stuff. It’s always cool to discover the weird films made by familiar faces. Kudos Matt Holmes and Peter Willis of Obssessed With Film for assembling a Top 10 of little known classics.

You can watch 5 of them right now at Internet Archive. Whoa, is that Telly Savalas!? I’m going to watch Quicksand! now…it has Peter Lorre and Mickey Rooney together.

Check them out:

Horror Express
Too Late For Tears

-Jeff Kaplan

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MegaReader iPhone App Gives Access to Internet Archive’s 1.8 Million Free Books in a Personalized Reader

from prweb:
Inkstone Software today announces the launch of MegaReader—a highly customizable iPhone eBook reader that gives users the choice of over 1.8 million free books on the internet.

The MegaReader app has been designed to tap into book catalogs such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen Free Books, Smashwords, and the Internet Archive—allowing users to discover not only the classics (such as Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, and War and Peace), but also up and coming modern indie authors and publishers.

“We are thrilled to contribute to Inkstone’s efforts to bring the enjoyment of these books to readers around the world” said Peter Brantley, Director of the BookServer Project, Internet Archive.

Read more:
Get MegaReader:

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