Banned Books Week

Tomorrow is the end of Banned Books week. We have a collection of banned and challenged books that you can find at We currently have 74 that can be found on banned and challenged books lists around the internet.

OK, who would have guessed that a Junie B. Jones book would be on one of the lists.

And here are some great graphs.

My daughter loves Junie B. I’m going to start that one tonight with her.

-Jeff Kaplan

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6 Responses to Banned Books Week

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  2. John Black says:

    Sorry to get in late, got a few, appreciate so many of the unseen things you do to make OUR Internet so fluid.


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  4. Dilip says:

    Respected Sirs/Madam,
    I have been doing research on the Poetry of Pulitzer Prize Winner American poet Mark Strand who is presently teaching at the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago. Will you please send me all or any Poetry anthology written by Mark Strand. His books are published by Atheneum and Macmillan. I don’t know other names of his publishers. I haven’t got any reply from these publishers, that is why I am asking you. Please help me by sending his publications in PDF or DOC format.

    Thank you very much.

    Dr. Dilip Bhatt (Ph. D.)

  5. Me Que says:

    Thanks, interesting to find out why they were banned.

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