Little Known Classics You NEED To Watch!

The classic, the rare, the obscure…you movie junkies love this stuff. It’s always cool to discover the weird films made by familiar faces. Kudos Matt Holmes and Peter Willis of Obssessed With Film for assembling a Top 10 of little known classics.

You can watch 5 of them right now at Internet Archive. Whoa, is that Telly Savalas!? I’m going to watch Quicksand! now…it has Peter Lorre and Mickey Rooney together.

Check them out:

Horror Express
Too Late For Tears

-Jeff Kaplan

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4 Responses to Little Known Classics You NEED To Watch!

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  2. Of course, success for this wonderful film
    It is big fan of this Filam honest, fun and stay in Almakr

  3. abihasan says:

    nice information, glad to know this information

    thank you

  4. omeany says:

    Horror Express is one of my favorites. Whee else are you going to see Christopher Lee, Peter Curshing and Telly Savalas?

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