Sharing is Caring: More Than 56,000 Live Shows Available

If you’re a live music fan, it’s likely you’ve visited our Live Music Archive. The LMA is a place where willing bands and dedicated fans can freely trade recordings of live shows for non-commercial use. It’s reminiscent of the bygone days of tape trading except with a bigger fan base and more shows than thousands of tapes could hold.

In June 2008, Internet Archive’s Director and Co-Founder, Brewster Kahle, predicted that by January 2009 there would be 55,000 individual live shows on the Archive. Well here we are, and Brewster was correct; there are now more than 56,000 shows to treat yourself to. CDs can be expensive and tickets to all of the shows you want to see can quickly drain the wallet, but because so many bands are taking part in the etree movement, Internet Archive is able to freely supply users with some of the best live shows around.

If you don’t see a band on the LMA, feel free to contact them yourself to see if they would be willing to have their music archived and shared. They can then send a simple email to to be included, and fans can begin to share recorded shows. For some more information on how on the LMA works, visit our FAQ page.

Brewster’s second prediction was 60,000 shows by Memorial Day. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to have a pseudo-summer music festival on your porch. Grab some friends, food, beer, speakers, and your laptop.

–Cara Binder

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6 Responses to Sharing is Caring: More Than 56,000 Live Shows Available

  1. carlos says:

    estoy contento por creo que encontre lo que buscaba

  2. Ed de Vos says:

    I found this page by accident, looking for The Frames (I was was acctually lloking for the chords of some of their songs).
    This is a wonderfull initiative! I will look if I have something to upload.

  3. Daniel David says:


  4. E-IQRA says:

    Thanks for what you did for us

  5. Arrond Wolf says:

    LMA is the best HTTP source for live shows, be it a soundboard recording, audience or matrix.
    Shameless plug for a band I have no finicial intrest in – U-Melt.
    check em out.

  6. Thank you for tjis womderful site. I can listen to the music of my youth. and of course the OTR. Thanks again Mickey

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