Executions in Texas

John “Ash” AmadorTexas is scheduled to execute two death row inmates this week – John “Ash” Amador on August 29th, and Kenneth Foster on August 30th.

An Internet Archive patron has uploaded raw audio interviews with both inmates.

John Amador

Kenneth FosterKenneth Foster

— Alexis

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3 Responses to Executions in Texas

  1. shirish says:

    Unrelated to the topic above but http://www.archive.org is not responding as well as http://www.openlibrary.org/ the former domain http://www.archive.org seems to be up for grabs. Can somebody tell what is going on?

  2. shirish says:

    Also if its a DNS issue or not please lemme know at my mail id . I was downloading a 4.5 GiB interview which is useless now. 😦

  3. cyclepromo says:

    Hadn’t seen the interviews posted anywhere else.

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