Learning to be Human, Films by Bert Salzman

Me and You KangarooGeronimo JonesThe Archive is now the online home to nine films by Bert Salzman. These 20-minute educational films were made in the early 70’s and shown in classrooms throughout the country. Their gentle and idealistic sensibility serves as contrast to the educational films from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s found in the Prelinger Archives. Gone are the all-knowing narrators of the past: Each film features a child or teen learning to negotiate difficult circumstances on their own and from those around them. All of these films won awards, notably “Angel and Big Joe” won an Academy Award for best Live Action Short.

Angel and Big Joe (1975)
Felipa: North of the Border (1971)
Geronimo Jones (1970)
Joshua, Black Boy Of Harlem (1969)
Lee Suzuki – Home in Hawaii 1975
Matthew Aliuk: Eskimo in Two Worlds (1973)
Me and You, Kangaroo (1974)
Miguel: Up From Puerto Rico (1970)
The Shopping Bag Lady (1975)

— Renata

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